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Volo Works Case Study: LauraBella Custom Cakery

How we spent only $16.00 and helped a local business’ Volo Page get visited 67 times by her preferred clientele!

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One Giant Leap

Who in their right mind would walk away from that?

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Providing Value is Important to us

...The spark was fading, along with interest and fresh ideas. Things were looking a little dim...

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The Honeymoon is Over

...and I couldn’t be more excited and refreshed.

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Why I Stepped Away

It's been a while since I've checked in ... and I'm not going to lie ... I've been avoiding this.

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The world comes at you fast, especially when embarking on something as massive as Volo...

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Holidays 2017

The holidays are often the busiest time of the year...

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Starting a business is intimidating … probably the most intimidating thing I’ve ever considered.

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The Story of Volo

The conception of Volo was in August 2016 when Justin and Kimberly were driving across the Rockies from Alberta to British Columbia, Canada.

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