Are you itching to bring your business to the next level?


In a webinar I attended hosted by Sam Ovens, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur and millionaire consultant, I took away some powerful principles that I'd like to share with you. Although he coaches people on how to be consultants, I believe that these powerful and revolutionary principles can apply to business owners in general.


So here’s the question: Is your business where you want it?

If your business is exactly what you want it to be right now, congratulations on achieving a dream! You deserve all your success! =)

If you know there's another level of your business that you want to achieve and you've been itching for it, consider this concept:

The obstacle keeping you from the success that you desire is always you.

I thought this is really harsh, but it's actually really good news! Because: You can change you! And you're the only one who can.

Maybe you've been thisclose to achieving that level and the economy crashed, or something fell apart in your life, or other circumstances got in the way.

Successful people such as Sam Ovens didn’t get there by doing the same things that everyone else does and being comfortable. He grew up in a poor neighbourhood and received no post-secondary education. After he failed twice at business that he poured his life savings into, he moved into his mom's garage because he was so far in debt. He is now a successful businessman living in downtown Manhattan. Success to that level comes to people who step out of their comfort zone and become their next level self, over and over again.

If you want to change your life, you have to start with yourself. How do you escape yourself?

Your perception of yourself is not reality. It’s just your interpretation. Our interpretations of reality is based on our brain’s best guess. Take a look at the photo at the top. In the checkerboard on the left, are the checked off squares the same colour? It would seem not. However, if you check out the exact same checkerboard on the right, you can see that the two squares are, in fact, the same colour.


Try this exercise: Describe who you are right now. Write down all the things that you associate with who you are.


Now, achieving your dreams requires you to become someone you’re not. According to Sam Ovens, trying to achieve your dreams as this character will end in “self sabotage” and internal conflict. It’s those things that you associate with who you are that keep you from making a change to achieve great things.


Current situation desired situation

Current selfnext level self


You can design a new identity is living those dreams and then grow into it.

Describe this new identity on paper in third person.

____________(your name) is _______________...


Escape your limitations. Let go of habits and things that are “you" and swap them out for attributes and habits of someone who has the successful dream business that you desire.

Millionaire hack: Instead of struggling to achieve your goals as “yourself,” you become this new  character who achieves these things with ease.

To get into the habit of making change, change even things that you don’t think have anything to do with your success.


Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?


The life that you desire is not possible with who you are now.

Become your new character to achieve your dream life.