The world comes at you fast, especially when embarking on something as massive as Volo...



The world comes at you fast, especially when embarking on something as massive as Volo...

We’re a little over two weeks since we launched, and it’s been a heck of an adventure so far! Firstly, we would like to thank all of our family and friends that have been supportive in our journey and had our backs since the idea was conceived. We couldn’t have done it without you! We appreciate every single like, share and mention that you have given.

There have been a lot of highlights and success so far, and early on we are already seeing the benefits of the site reaching people and improving their traffic based around their skill or service. This is the true intent of our site, to help people grow their businesses and side hustles effectively and affordably. The biggest highlight in our eyes was the easy decision to extend the free period out to March 1st, 2018. With a concept this newly turned into substance, it is a big ask to request people’s hard earned money, no matter how little we ask, in exchange for advertising on our site, while we have yet to even scratch the surface of the potential that Volo has. This is why it was an easy decision for us to offer Volo listings for free for another 4 ½ months. Also, in the big scheme of things and what we inspire for this to become, this is a minor footnote in what we picture as a large, multi-chaptered novel with many plot changes and exciting content along the way!


Another highlight we’d like to share is that we are very proud to have co-sponsored our first public event on Saturday night, which was really cool! The Aradia Stigma Showcase 2017 was one of the most interesting, unique, and action-packed events we could have imagined. Ok … well, Kim knew a lot about what to expect but Justin was blown away by the whole thing. The men and women we watched perform were beyond remarkable. The style, beauty, and confidence they displayed was something to be inspired by, and aspired for. Not to mention the after-party that had great food, music, dancing and a mini-casino set up too! We danced until the lights came on (ok, the lights were on the whole time, but we danced until they shut them off!). Simply put, it was amazing and we’ll be back next year. :)

In site news, we have had 7 people become ice breakers and sign up as service Providers on Volo since we launched. This is huge for us, and hopefully huge for them in the long run. It takes courage to sign up for a brand new, little known web service and put yourself out there for the world to see. Thank you very much Cortney, Mike, Ashley, Collin, Tracy, Kevin, and Caitlin!

Of course, as with all things that are new and just getting out there, we have found a few technical hiccups with the site, but rest assured, we are working on them and we appreciate the patience of those whose profiles are affected. We have contacted each of you individually to let you know what we have found and will be letting you know when these minor hiccups are fixed!


We can only help but feel we are just getting started, and have barely begun to put our foot on the gas pedal of what we feel is a powerful muscle car with untapped potential horsepower. How do we plan on growing this and making it more user friendly? It’s a simple process really.



Listen. Learn. Adapt. Repeat.