Facebook Ads - Good Or Bad?

(Hint ... They're good, but you can disagree)


You are exposed to hundreds of advertisements (commercials, ads, brands, slogans, etc.) a day. All of these have been strategically written, designed and placed with you, or someone you know in mind. Advertising may likely be the most deeply rooted and complex industry in North America. It’s amazing, really.

If you didn’t notice, I finally joined Volo Works to let people know about my new venture, Facebook advertising for small businesses. Yes, I am becoming an Ad Man.

I have been taking Facebook ad training for over a year now as I oversee all Facebook ads for Volo Works. This has been a steep learning curve in a world where every success and failure effects your bottom line. Everything costs money in advertising. Especially errors.

Facebook advertising is still relatively new, and ever-evolving. The ad rules are constantly changing, based on algorithms that the Department of Defense would envy if they could even get their eyes on them. Advertising has never been this complex. Ever.

Not that long ago, if you wanted your ideal customer (example: Female, Edmonton, aged 30-45, married with children, working in the healthcare industry full time) to see your small business’s clothing and accessories advertisement you had very few options to deliver that ad to her. You could take an ad out in the local paper…put it in the most relevant section you can think of and compete with other similar companies to catch her eye if she even bothered to pick up the paper that week. Maybe you had a radio or TV budget? Even better! Pay top dollar to have your commercial on air and hope that she is watching or listening to that program at that time and happened to be paying the right amount of attention to absorb the message you’re trying to deliver. Easier said than done, and needless to say, very costly.

Those days and that method of advertising are fading away, and with over 1/3 of ALL people on earth using Facebook you can now compete to have your ad shown to your EXACT ideal customers with a better degree of certainty than the options listed above. You can pinpoint your clientele. You can pay to have the ads delivered directly in front of their eyes. Choose the right imagery, written copy and message and you have just gained a lead or sale for a tiny fraction of what you would have paid in the other routes we mentioned.

Facebook has more data on us than we could imagine. They know us better than our friends or families and while that is really creepy and also a little disturbing it isn’t changing any time soon. This data bank they keep is huge for advertisers. Facebook wants us to make money through Facebook ads so you’ll spend more money on them. They will push and pull and help their very best to get you sales. You just need a handle on Facebook’s Best Business Practices and you can flex all of the information they have to ensure your ads are delivered and optimized properly.

Is Facebook advertising good or bad? There are arguments on both sides. Personally, I think they are good. Facebook has every right to make money off this amazing platform they built that we all use for free. Why shouldn’t they allow people like me to take advantage of it? They would be foolish not to capitalize. Kudos to you, Mr. Zuckerberg.