Feature Provider - The Task Fairy


We are honoured to feature a Volo service provider who created a vision for her life and made her dream into reality.


The Task Fairy came from humble beginnings. Growing up, she never had a role model for success. But when she had kids, she was determined to set an excellent standard for them. Out of pure determination, Alicia Neil fought hard to forge a bright future for herself and her family.


Alicia was working as a support worker for over ten years working with mental health and addictions. During this time was when she had her wonderful three kids. Also during this time, she always desired more in her life; specifically, to work for herself and have control over her schedule.


In December 2013, she started her own business doing tasks that she already did for her own household. As the Task Fairy, she made a side income helping other people free up their time! She did odd-jobs and ran errands for her clients, including dog-walking, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Alongside her full-time social work job, she worked hard growing her business.


For the past 10 years, Alicia has been a single mom, going through circumstances such as being left while she was pregnant. She had to stay at a friend’s house while looking for a place to rent. She rented on her own during her last pregnancy and then while raising a newborn and her two other kids.


While many people would be discouraged by this situation and use any of these reasons to let go of a dream for the sake of stability, instead, this fuelled Alicia’s determination. She fought extra hard for her future, eventually bought her own house, bought out her new vehicle, and took a great leap in October 2017, when she quit her day job to focus on making her business full time!


Any circumstance (or perceived circumstance) can be used as an excuse to not follow a dream.


“If I didn’t have kids, I would…” “If I didn’t have so much debt, I would…” “If my partner / family supported me, I would…” “If only I were twenty again, I would…” “If I had more education, I would…” “If I came from a rich family, I would…” “If my parents gave me __________, I would have…” “If ____________ didn’t happen to me, I would…” “If I had the connections, I would…” The list goes on.


But here’s the thing. If everyone were given the same circumstances, regardless of the circumstances, everyone’s outcomes would be different. Why? Because we’re all driven by different things. Some people are content living the same lives that they came from, even if they’re less than ideal. Instead of leaving their past in the past, they recreate it into their present reality. Some people are unhappy, but too comfortable in their stability to change.They remain stuck in a rut and settle for “ok” even though they wish that there was “something they could do.” Some people crave something different, dream up a vision, and won’t take no for an answer until they create the that they want and achieve their life goals.


A year and a half ago, Alicia bought a house on her own and paid cash in full for her 2015 GMC! Completely self-sufficient in raising and financially supporting her 3 children, Alicia runs her dream business as a Task Fairy serving all of the lower mainland and Fraser Valley, BC. Alicia is extremely resourceful and determined in life and in business, and Volo is proud to have her as a service provider! She has also expanded from doing just routine daily duties to making use of ALL her talents and skills, including those that she has gained from her past employment. Alicia now offers Wedding & Event Planning, Employment Services, and Personal Assistant services!


The best thing about running her own business?


“The flexibility of my life! It allows me to be there for the important things in life with my children and for myself… All the while still helping others, which is the core of who I am; my passion for work is helping people.”


She has not only set a great example for her kids to aspire for, but I hope that sharing her story will inspire you to do what you set your heart on. Be bold! Create what you want out of life!


Check out all of Alicia’s services on her Volo profile here!


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