Inspired By You

Finding inspiration in trying times.

Wake up. Go to work. Work. Go home. Work. Go to bed. Repeat. Mix in some exercise if you’re lucky.

Sound familiar? If it does, I would wager you’re an entrepreneur or someone with a passion that extends your “work” hours past the regular work hours the vast majority (including myself) are used to.  It can be a struggle sometimes and while I don’t have the answers, I have some insights.

“It doesn’t feel like work if you love what you do!” I’ve heard that one a lot and as I mature, the more I want to call B.S. Work still feels like work no matter what you’re working on, and it’s completely ok to be tired from both doing something you love, and from something that you must do. The thing with the latter is that it may seem worse on your spirit because you typically only realize the gains in monetary measures. Nothing wrong with that at all…we all need money…but it may be missing some of the other rewards like satisfaction, accomplishment, progress, etc.

This has been the biggest challenge that I have faced so far as an entrepreneur. Quantifying success. I mean really…Who signs up to sacrifice their freedom in order to work more, spend more, and have less social life than they are used to? Oh, did I mention that there are likely little-to-no monetary or financial rewards, at least for the first little while you’re going to be so tight for cash you’ll need to completely change the way you look at money? On paper, only a crazy person would do that.

The trick I/we found that works? Surround yourself with crazy people. Surround yourself with others that think like you. Surround yourself with those that have been in and out of the asylum and suddenly, the challenges you’re facing don’t seem so impossible. The daily struggles don’t seem so foreign and you don’t feel so alone.

The company struggles, and with that so do I. It’s financially and emotionally draining at times, but we’ve bet our future on the company and while we aren’t currently getting the results we want, we know that we aren’t alone. We know many, many people that have gone through worse than us, picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, and never gave up.  We’re inspired by all the people out there that haven’t given up.  We’re inspired by you.