Is Facebook/Online marketing like the wild west?

Are you feeling burnt out working your day job or business and then spending all of your spare time researching these things? What can you do?

There’s no question about it. Internet and social media marketing are powerful tools to expand your business. But where do you start? There’s ad wording, graphics, funnelling... Targeting and retargeting are a whole ball game on their own. Are you spending hours on webinars trying to learn the ins and outs of Facebook ads, SEO, and Google ad word marketing? Are you feeling burnt out working your day job or business and then spending all of your spare time researching these things? If so, you may owe it to your well being it to:


1) Hire someone to do it for you - This is their day job - they do it full time 9-5 and are marketing professionals. They want to retain you as their client and get good results. Here’s a list of interview questions to ask an agency before deciding whether to hire them.

A great Canadian local agency based in Edmonton is 50 Free Calls. Tim Pringle, co-founder, is a part of the Business Networking International group in the Parkland division, and he and his team can help you with all of your online marketing needs.


If hiring someone to do it for you just isn’t in the books right now...

2) Partner up with someone, for example, a start-up who wants the experience. Upwork is a great place to find people of a variety of experience (and rates). The person that you go with should believe in your company. Follow your intuition. You should get a feeling that they really will have a passion for growing your business. You may even find someone has the same vision, and wants to work together to advance for a % of your company. The great part of that is you have little or no fees to begin with, which can be valuable when you’re on a very little budget.

On Volo, you can simply list your services and those who are looking for your services can find you... Without you targeting them! While Facebook is one of the best ways to advertise online these days, it’s expensive and It’s hard to target people via Facebook ads who only need you occasionally. A lot of money could go out the window before you get a lead, let alone a closed sale or new client. But with Volo, it’s affordable and everyone who finds you is already interested in what you have to offer. We’re here to help your dream clientele find you.


Alleviating the burden of online marketing to grow your business will leave you with more time to spend on what you specialize in (the reason why you started your business / side hustle in the first place) - your passions, lovin’ on your customers, following up with contacts, providing them value… Helping you achieve the work/life balance that you crave.


You’ve got options.