Providing Value is Important to us

...The spark was fading, along with interest and fresh ideas. Things were looking a little dim...



a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Which came first … the chicken or the egg? 

The age-old question has been a crucial part of Volo Works since conception. It has plagued us more than any other conundrum we’ve come across so far. Hours, days, weeks, months have gone by with us fighting this exact problem...

Who comes to Volo Works first? The businesses or the consumers? You can’t have one without the other and we’ve challenged ourselves over this repeatedly until we exhausted ourselves. 

The businesses don’t want to be on here without knowing that customers will see them. 

The customers don’t want to come here and see limited businesses.

What we thought was the right idea, whether it really was or not, was to get the businesses on here first. This was a solid plan and we had some successes but without a massive marketing budget getting the potential customers for said businesses was going to be difficult. Thus, we’ve been spinning our proverbial tires for quite some time. Gain some traction, stall, repeat. 

The spark was fading, along with interest and fresh ideas. Things were looking a little dim...

Then...the light bulb went off. Things changed, and boy have they have changed quickly. 

For those of you who aren’t aware, I moonlight as a Facebook advertiser for some local businesses as well as Volo Works. I’ve put the time in (hundreds of hours), I’ve completed courses of beginner through advanced levels of Facebook and Instagram advertising, I have been offered to join agencies full time,  and for the most part, have been quite successful at Facebook advertising and continue to expand my knowledge base every day. 

These skills have opened doors for me that I couldn’t have imagined. To be honest, that aspect of my entrepreneurial journey has been more prolific and rewarding than that of Volo Works. (so far)

However, Volo Works remains our number one priority. We believe we have something special here and with the right break, stroke of luck (or genius) we can really get this thing going.

Now back to the conundrum. We have the businesses on Volo Works but aren’t getting enough leads for them. If only we had a way to generate website traffic to their Volo Page and bring them more quality leads from their ideal customers? Wait a minute...we do...and it’s been staring us right in the face for quite some time. 



a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation

Hello Facebook advertising! 

It’s simple, really. We charge more to be on Volo Works, but in turn, we use that extra money to build custom advertising campaigns to drive traffic to our Service Provider’s Volo Works pages. By using Facebook’s Best Business Practices,  we can guarantee more effective advertising, better brand awareness, more page views and more quality leads to our Volo Works service providers’ pages. It truly is a symbiotic relationship where they get the leads they deserve while we benefit from the exposure the platform is getting. 


It’s a win-win. Problem solved:

With other listing sites, you sign up and hope someone comes looking for you. 

With Volo Works, you sign up and we go looking for them.

Happy hunting.