The Honeymoon is Over

...and I couldn’t be more excited and refreshed.

For anyone not following closely to what we’ve been up to over here at Volo Works things will likely appear very quiet, because they have been. It’s true…we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus taking care of some, um…rather important personal matters.  

Kim and I got married this Summer. A ceremony in Banff, a reception in Edmonton and a honeymoon that literally took us around the world has occupied most of our time.  Anyone who has been married before and gone through the planning and execution of a wedding knows it can be quite daunting, especially with full time jobs, running two businesses, and managing the regular commitments that come up. For what it’s worth…I’m not complaining. This is the life we chose. In fact, all things considered it all went very smoothly. The support we had from our families putting this whole thing together was incredible. We can’t thank them enough!

Unfortunately, when once in a lifetime events like this come up other things tend to fall off the plate. What seemed like some good momentum for Volo Works in the Spring slowed to a crawl this Summer. The fact is we only have so much time and energy and we chose to enjoy our wedding and honeymoon and limit the amount of energy and time we put into other things (including Volo). This may not be the most agreeable mindset to some of our fellow entrepreneurs out there, and we respect that. To be quite honest, we did not intentionally avoid work or anything. We never even really forced ourselves to take a break. We never consciously decided to focus on ourselves, it just sort of organically happened… I’ll take that as a sign from the Universe that it was needed.


What an incredible trip. I will never forget it. ????


I’ve been home a week (Kim is still in Hong Kong until Friday) and once the jet lag went away and the vacation hangover faded it’s back to it and the truth is, I couldn’t be more excited and more refreshed.

Excited to try new things.

Excited to push the boundaries.

Excited to fail again.

Excited to learn from those failures, adapt, and try again.

Excited to grow Volo Works into everything it can be.

Most importantly, we are excited to bring value to people and improve things for them, if only a tiny bit.


Watch out world, we’re coming for you.