Volo Works ... For Sew a la Mode!

In 7 months, we've gained ad 50,000 views and over 3,000 web store visits for less than $3/day!

We couldn’t be happier to share this case study with you guys as this is some of our best work to date!

Sarah at Sew a la Mode decided to update her Volo subscription to a Volo Essential membership in late January this year. She took advantage of one of our timely promotions at the right time and has been reaping the benefits since!

Within that promotion, she was eligible for targeted advertising delivered right to her website for $80 per month. Normally this costs $150 per month so she saw the opportunity and value and we were happy to oblige!

So what did she get? Let me try and show you without completely geeking out on you, ok?  

First, I built her a custom audience based on the parameters we laid out beforehand.

I then crafted an ad placement for Facebook & Instagram based on how I think that specific audience would feel and what emotions I wanted to evoke. Using my three basic building blocks of sales approach (Attention, Belief, and Call to action) I started testing ads, tweaking them every two or three days and re-testing. I cycled around about 6-10 different variations before I found the optimal ad.

In the ad copy I touched on family, community, locally owned and quality of material theme. This was easy to do because Sew a la Mode excels in all of these categories already. As is the case most times, focusing on what makes the brand so special already will often yield the most honest and highest quality results.

So what were these results?

In 7 months to date our ads for Sew a la Mode have been:

  • viewed over 50,000 times.
  • Clicked on over 3000 times (resulting in webstore visits)
  • Delivered at an average of $0.21 per click.


** More importantly, we continue to optimize all of the time and we would be doing ourselves a disservice  to not mention that in the last three reporting periods we have been running at $0.07/click and have helped to triple her web store visits views over the past 6 weeks! Our average is now 500 clicks per month! **

Sure, Sew a la Mode has spent $560 ($303 of that directly on ads) to date which is a significant amount of money for any small business so we know how important ROI is for her...

However, we have delivered her new site visits and more leads the entire time. This is money well spent if you ask me!

Yep, the numbers are awesome and we are proud…but try and look past that and see the underlying value we are providing here. We offer agency-level efficiencies to small businesses on a budget.

I feel like you have heard this before, but you simply won’t find this value for this price anywhere else!

I would like to thank Sarah one more time for allowing us to share her results with the world, because Volo Works for Small Businesses!