Volo Works Case Study: LauraBella Custom Cakery

How we spent only $16.00 and helped a local business’ Volo Page get visited 67 times by her preferred clientele!

In case you missed it, we’re doing things differently around here lately. We’ve changed from the traditional list-and-wait online listing site approach and decided to get proactive. We don’t think you should have to sit and wait to get in front of your ideal customer. We think you should keep doing what you love and let us help you find more of your preferred customers for your business.


It’s simple. List your business on Volo Works, and we work with you to define your preferred clients or customers. From there, using our in-house social media marketing expertise, we use targeted social media advertising to get your brand, services and products in front of the people you want to attract!

We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Debra Debernardo of LauraBella Custom Cakery for allowing us to try some custom advertising directed to her Volo Works Page!

Working with Debra to determine her ideal clientele, we managed to narrow down her audience to about 90,000 people based on the information provided. (Geographic area, Interests, Behaviors, Gender, Age, etc.).

That, coupled with our in-house expertise in Facebook’s Best Business Practices we crafted a sponsored post with some eye-catching imagery and written copy designed specifically to entertain, educate and reward her target audience.

We ran the post for 12 days using only the Facebook minimum ad spend of $1.33/day.  The result:

Her business was seen over 1500 times by her preferred customers!

In 12 days, we successfully led those specific types of customers to Debra’s page 67 times!

Despite however busy they were, regardless of what they had going on that day at least 5 people per day visited LauraBella’s Volo Works listing.  If this number seems small, remember we were only spending $1.33/day, therefore the average cost per page visit was $0.24 and if you’re familiar with pay-per-click advertising this is very good.

Also, if you’re not convinced those numbers are impressive … think of how many times you click on an ad in your Facebook feed, unless it really resonates with you at that exact moment! A whole bunch of things need to be just right for that to happen (time of day, mood, schedule, distraction, etc.)

In this case, we nailed it!

From Debra’s Volo Works page, they could

  1. Contact her directly through Volo Works
  2. Visit her Facebook or LinkedIn page and contact her that way
  3. View her gallery, and more!

Most importantly, they know who LauraBella Custom Cakery is, and they will think of her when it comes time to purchase!

The point is, we effectively put businesses in the front of their preferred customers mind for the lowest possible cost. There are no other ways to reach this many of your preferred customers for this little spend.

Can you answer this?

Do your ideal customers know you exist and how you can help them?

 Is your marketing strategy working for you? Is there an ROI for your time, money and energy spent on marketing?

If you aren’t happy with any of the answers, we may be able to help.