Warning: Highly Inspirational (regardless of current mood)!



We came across this must-read article about Denny Morrison, a Canadian Olympic speed-skater from a small town in BC who overcame a horrific motorcycle accident and stroke... And will be competing in the 2018 Olympics. 

This is a story about not giving up no matter what, keeping your focus on your passion, and breaking up your long term goal into short, attainable goals.

It's natural to make excuses when circumstances get in the way of our growth or success, including in our businesses. Denny could have laid his Olympic competing aside after his motorcycle accident, sought a new career, and no one would have questioned his decision, right? Let's be realistic. Having a broken femur is a perfectly acceptable reason to end a speed skating career, especially at the elite level. But... He doesn't let his career end there... He doesn't admit defeat... Even after a stroke! In fact, he (quickly!) builds on his legacy when all the odds are against him because speed skating and competing in the Olympics are what he's about. Talk about passion!

Volo is no exception. It's not always smooth sailing. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We are coming across many obstacles and are learning opportunities as we go. Our long term goal seems overwhelmingly daunting - being the go-to platform for services across Canada and the US and creating the demand for an app. Marketing is a continual challenge and an uphill grind. But at the same time, keeping our eye on our broad vision is inspiring and is what keeps us going; we have to say that there's never been a question of giving up. Volo is our baby that we're crazy passionate about, and we're growing it, one person at a time! We will figure it out and Volo will be mainstream no matter what!

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