What I learned: Don't offload CEO responsibility to "Pros"


#Throwback to the times when we thought we needed to contract our marketing out to professionals to do it best. In the first few months of Volo Works, we spent an absorbitant amount of money (over $10K CAD) on an professional online marketing company that promised to make Volo Works big, to make Volo Works a household name... When all along, it was up to us. As business owners and CEO’s, we determine the direction of our business. It’s our job, and nobody can do it for us, even the Pros. That’s what we encourage you to do. Before you spend a dime on advertising, at least know:


  1. What does problem your service or products solve?

    • It should be a top-3 burning issue in your customer’s mind in order to be an important enough issue for them to pay money for you to solve it.

  2. Who is your market? 

    • The characteristics of the individuals likely to have the problem that your business solves (so that you can seek out these “low hanging fruit” - more about this later)

  3. What niche do you serve?

    • How does your market differ from that of the next service provider in your industry? The more specific you get, the easier it is to seek out people looking for your service/product.

  4. Your “unfair advantage”

    • This concept is taken from The Lean Startup. What is one thing about you that’s irreplaceable, according to your ideal customers or ideal prospective customers?

  5. What speaks to your audience? 

    • What key words and approaches / mindsets do they have? The most effective advertising is when people don’t know (or care) that they’re being advertised to. You should just be entering in a conversation in their heads, and to do that, you need to know your audience really well and it all comes down to understanding the problem that they have.


We learned that you can’t just offload this responsibility to pros. Only the CEO(s) can determine all of this, have the foresight on how to carry the business forward, and then instruct and delegate this to their marketing execs / marketers.



Your Volo Works Team

Volo Works