Why join VOLO

Volo is a community network connecting people with skills to people who need those specific skills. Volo offers an opportunity for everyone to put their unique skill sets to work and get recognition for them.

We are levelling the playing field in the advertising world and want to make effective advertising accessible to everyone.

At Volo, you’ve got options. We believe that if you possess the skills to make a living or serve your community, you deserve a fair shot at it. We are leveling the playing field in the advertising world and want to make effective advertising accessible to everyone. All you have to do is be good at the skills that you feature on Volo and build good ratings to be highly visible to people who are looking for your skills. You will be noticed based on the quality of service that you provide (your ratings) and your proximity to the people searching for your skill (location).

Got skills?

  • Do you already have an established business or maybe some extra skills or talents that you would like to make money off of? No matter how obscure they are, you can list them on Volo! Chances are, there is a demand for them that you weren’t aware of. If you don’t see the skill that you want to list, Suggest a Skill and we’ll add it to the ever-growing inventory of skills. Tell everyone about Volo! It’s the easy and fun way to advertise skills and to find those that have them. The faster Volo spreads, the faster our community grows and the more exposure you will get.

Need something done? 

When you search for a Provider on Volo, you don’t just see the first few who have paid their way to show up at the top of the page. You see all Providers in your area and can browse ratings, rates, and location. You can then make an informed decision of who to hire.The faster Volo spreads, the easier your life will be as you can find and hire the perfect people for the jobs you need to be done (whom you might not have heard of otherwise).



How it works

  1. Select A Provider

    Use Volo to see who is available in your area and browse the Provider profiles to find the right fit for you.​

  2. Book the service

    Contact the Provider through Volo and organize a date and time for the service.

  3. Get it Done!

    Once the service is complete, make sure to leave a rating and a testimonial to let others know what you thought. 


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